It’s really, really about compassion

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    It’s really, really about compassion

    If you’re like me, in the low-risk category, it can seem like COVID-19 is a thousand miles away. Since the start of the outbreak, I’ve been weirdly confident that I would be fine if I ended up contracting the virus.

    In my 31 years on Earth, I’ve survived tuberculosis, swine flu, and a life-threatening blood infection. Surely, if I caught this, I would survive it too, right? I’ve been cautious enough. I’m not worried. It’s all good.

    But when my disoriented mother tried to pull out her IV for the fifteenth time and the nurse suggested I hold her hand down, I realized she was the first person I had touched in weeks. Even with my newly washed, latex-covered hands, I felt a wave of responsibility.

    If I was a carrier, she might be exposed. Had I recently stood close to someone in line? Had anyone coughed around me? Had I washed my hands after each trip to the store?

    Even though my age group is statistically more likely to survive the virus, I was equally certain that people like my mom and my uncle, sadly, would not. And that’s what officials mean when they say “It’s not about you.”

    Kyle Briggs, PA-C and an advisor to Healthline Media, who works in the ICU with the sickest patients, pleads, “We don’t get to control who comes through the doors, or when. […] What controls who comes through our doors? Many things. Among them: You do. You, my friends, are on the front lines. Not me.”

    “You, and everyone like you, are playing a role in how this virus spreads. Extreme measures have been taken to try to slow this process across the world. The front line is everywhere.”

    As we all start to go stir-crazy in the coming weeks, please don’t let your guard down. Keep taking necessary precautions, even as the curve flattens. Your loved ones depend on it.